Alexander Palm

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Alexander Palm

An Australian native from Queensland, it is probably going for our

award for the most beautiful of all palms. It is very hardy and loves

full sun once mature. It has a striking green crownshaft and a smooth

self cleaning light brown trunk. The flowers are cream to greenish,

male and female flowers on the same inflorescence. Flower stalk coming

from below the crownshaft, about a metre long, with bright red fruit.

The leaves are shiny green with a silvery gray underneath and up to 3m

long. This spectacular palm will be equally happy in full sun or indoor

shade. It is also a very good container plant for a patio or large

courtyard as its growth will be slowed but it will still be happy and

healthy in a pot. Landscapers often place two Alexander palms in the

same planting hole to create a jungle effect as the trunks curve away

from each other. The same can be done in pots.

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