Manutec Blood & Bone Blend 2.5Kg (MBP0256)

Product Code : 9312462025141_1

Manutec Blood & Bone Blend 2.5Kg (MBP0256)

Blood and Bone Blend is a slow release organic fertiliser suitable for use on all types of plants (including Australian native plants and shrubs). Blood and Bone will not burn as it provides a slow release form of organic nitrogen and phosphorus. It is ideal for preparing garden beds and as a side dressing for established trees and shrubs. Blood and Bone Blend is also a useful soil conditioner, enriching soils deficient in organic matter. Follow the directions on the package and apply accordingly

Code: MBP0256

N-P-K: 4.8 - 5.0 - 0

Net Weight: 2.5 Kg

Product Type: Fertiliser - Organic

Product Use: For all types of Plants

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