Manutec Boron Suluble 500gm (MTO0544)

Product Code : 9312462445000_1

Manutec Boron Suluble 500gm (MTO0544)

The importance of Boron to the healthy development of plants is that it is vital to the growth of new plant tissue, i.e. tissue in young shoots, flowers, fruits and root system. Boron helps to correct the breakdown of internal tissue in vegetables and fruits. This condition is often found in apples, beetroot and turnips, which is commonly referred to as Brown Heart. Similar breakdown in tissue occurs in the flower buds of cauliflower and in the stems of celery. Deficiencies of Boron are more likely in very alkaline soils, where lime has been excessively used.

WARNING: (S5) Not to be taken. Keep out of reach of children. Read the safety directions before opening or using.

Code: MTO0544

Pack Size: 500 g

Product Type: Fertiliser - Trace element

Product Use: to correct boron deficiency

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