Manutec Citrus Spray Zinc & Maganese 500gm (MTO0512)

Product Code : 9312462999022_1

Manutec Citrus Spray Zinc & Maganese 500gm (MTO0512)

Zinc & Manganese are the most commonly required trace elements by citrus trees and vines. They are necessary in maintaining the general health of the tree or vine, its fruit yield and quality. A deficiency of one or both of these elements often noticed.

Manutec Zinc & Manganese is a soluble Fertiliser and supplies both zinc and managanese together to quickly overcome the deficiency. Suitable for both dry and Foliar application. Follow the application and safety directions on the package and use accordingly.

Code: MTO0512
Pack Size: 500 g
Product Type: Fertiliser - Trace element
Product Use: To correct Zn and Mn deficiency

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