Manutec Copper Sulphate Soluble 500gm (MTO0533)

Product Code : 9312462335004_1

Manutec Copper Sulphate Soluble 500gm (MTO0533)

A copper deficiency in plants can result in a terminal condition with the die-back of growing tips. Initial effects show yellowing in younger leaves with the leaf veins maintaining a dark green colour. Inadequate copper levels occur in the sandy and very acid soils of coastal regions together with the mere fertile soils of dry inland areas.

Manutec Copper Sulphate is soluble in water and suitable for both dry and liquid application. Follow the directions on the package and apply accordingly.

Code: MTO0533

Pack Size: 500 g

Product Type: Fertiliser - Trace elements

Product Use: correct copper deficiency in plants

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