Manutec Tomato Magic 1kg (MTO6713)

Product Code : 9312462100015_1

Manutec Tomato Magic 1kg (MTO6713)

Manutec Tomato Magic is a special water soluble Fertiliser enriched with Potassium , Calcium and chelated Trace elements which essential for Tomatoes. It is also can be used for other related vegetables such as Cucumbers, Capsicums, Eggplants and Melons etc. It is suitable for application by watering can, Hydroponics, Foliar spray and drip irrigation etc. When used as directed on the package, it will do all the magic to produce good yield of tomatoes.

Code: MTO6713

N-P-K: 12 - 8 - 20 plus T.E.

Net Weight: 1 Kg

Product Type: Soluble Specific Fertiliser

Product Use: Fertiliser for Tomato Plants

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