Anigozanthos Bush Pearl - Kangaroo Paw (Hybrid)

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Anigozanthos Bush Pearl - Kangaroo Paw (Hybrid)

Description: Bush Pearl is one of Australia''s favourite kangaroo paws as it features masses of distinctive, bright pink flowers on a naturally compact and bushy plant all year round. Bush Pearl is a relatively tough kangaroo paw that is suitable as a feature plant in a container or plated en masse to great effect in a sunny well drained garden position. To care for the plant, remove old flower stems and leaves as close as possible their base. Sprinkle a small handful of slow release fertiliser for native plants around the base of the plant in autumn and again in spring. Water only when the top of the potting mix has dried out. Keep the centre of the plant free of weeds as well as the dead leaves and flower stems of the kangaroo paw.

Height: 50cm

Planting Conditions: Well drained, sunny location

Watering Conditions: Drought tolerant

Plant Type: Anigozanthos Hybrid


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