Yucca - Spellbound 200mm Pot

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Yucca - Spellbound 200mm Pot

Yucca Desmetiana - Spellbound

Description: A wonderful accent plant growing to around 1.2m with bluish grey broad leaves the mature to burgundy that can blush to orange in strong light. Its growth habit forms a single rosette with a trunk overtime, sometimes multiples. The leaves weep gracefully becoming a stunning backdrop to the wonderful display of cream bell shaped flowers which appear in summer once the plant has established.
This is a great specimen for decorative pots, rockeries, and feature plants for the small or large garden. Prefers a sunny position or light shade in a well drained soil, once established it is very hardy, able to tolerate heat and drought.

Height: 1.2m


Planting Conditions: Full Sun, Part Shade

Watering Conditions: Water very little over winter and fertilise annually during spring with long term slow release fertiliser.

Plant Type: Great for pots

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