Yates Scale Gun - Ready to use

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Yates Scale Gun - Ready to use

Controls aphids, scale, thrips, caterpillars, ants, mealybug, whitefly and leafhoppers on indoor and outdoor plants, citrus, roses and ornamentals.

Effective combination of low toxic pyrethrum and petroleum oil.
Pyrethrum provides fast knockdown of insects and oil controls hard to kill pests such as scale and mites.
Easy-to-use trigger pack - no mixing required, no mess.

How It Works
White oil (Petroleum oil) blocks the breathing pores of insects causing suffocation and rapid death. Thorough coverage of pests is therefore essential.
Pyrethrins are fast-acting knockdown insecticides with contact and stomach poison and fumigant action.
Piperonyl Butoxide prevents the insect detoxifying pyrethrin and accelerates the rate of knockdown.
Pyrethrum, piperonyl butoxide & petroleum oil

Directions for use
Spray foliage thoroughly as soon as pests appear. Repeat weekly if required. Spray on a calm day when rain is not expected.

Unsuccessful results may be due to:
Rain following soon after application;
Failure to spray underside of foliage;
Not shaking the bottle before use;
Dead scale may remain on the plants for a few weeks after spraying.

Do not spray when shade temperatures are near 35°C or above.
Do not use on citrus in late Autumn or Winter.
Do not apply to edible crops later than one (1) day before harvest.
Do not spray near ponds, water supplies or fish tanks.
Do not spray when soil is dry or plants are suffering from moisture stress.

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