Apple - Montys Surprise Dwarf - Wrapped Bag Apple - Montys Surprise Dwarf - Wrapped Bag

Apple - Montys Surprise Dwarf - Wrapped Bag

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Apple - Montys Surprise Dwarf - Wrapped Bag

Apple Dwarf Monty''s Surprise

Description of plant at maturity:
Apples should be planted in well drained soils in a sunny position. At harvest, colour develops best with warm days and cooler nights.

''Wrapped'' trees are bare-root, meaning they have been removed from the soil during winter-dormancy. To plant, dig a hole that is twice as wide as it is deep. Make a small mound of soil in the centre of the hole and gently position the roots of the tree evenly as you plant the tree on the mound. Backfill the hole, taking care not to bury the tree too high above the roots (do not cover the graft-union). Water in well. For best results, prune the tree by 30-50%. Water regularly until established.

Fruit: Large, slightly asymmetrical with prominent red blush.
Skin: Red blush over green-yellow background.
Flesh: Crisp.
Maturity: Ripens late March to early April.
Pollinators: Pinkabelle, Leprechaun, Golden Delicious, Red Delicious, Gala.
Comments: A dwarfing variety suited to pots and smaller gardens. Scientific research shows that this apple has some of the highest flavonoid and antioxidant levels of any apple in the world, and these naturally occurring compounds are beneficial to the human body in assisting the immune system to fight infection and disease. It also contains high micro-nutrient levels, so an apple a day may really keep the doctor away!

Height: 2 – 2.5m

Plant Type: Deciduous Fruit Tree

Position: Full Sun

Watering: Keep moist (particularly in dry conditions)

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