Yates Success Ultra Insect Control 200ml Yates Success Ultra Insect Control 200ml

Yates Success Ultra Insect Control 200ml

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Yates Success Ultra Insect Control 200ml

Success ULTRA helps keep your garden plants from being attacked by common caterpillars plus other insect pests.

Contains spinetoram, a new generation insecticide derived from beneficial soil bacteria for control of caterpillars, thrips, codling moth, pear & cherry slug and other leaf eating insects. This is the next generation solution replacing Success Naturalyte, Success ULTRA. The spinetoram has translaminar action, which enables it to move from the upper to lower leaf surfaces, helping to make it rainfast.

- Suitable for use on a wide range of vegetables, fruit, herbs and ornamentals
- Makes up to 40L of spray for vegies

Ingredient: Spinetoram

How to use:
The active is absorbed by by both contact on the insect and ingestion.
Shake well before use. Measure out required amount of Success Ultra and mix with water.
Ensure that all foliage, including undersides of leaves is sprayed. Apply in the cool of the early morning or late evening. Insects will stop feeding immediately but may take up to three days to die.

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