Acmena - Green Screen 200mm Pot Acmena - Green Screen 200mm Pot

Acmena - Green Screen 200mm Pot

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Acmena - Green Screen 200mm Pot

Acmena smithii - Green Screen

Description of plant at maturity:
Acmena Green Screen is the perfect choice for a lush and green hedgerow. It grows quite quickly, reducing the amount of time before you have an effective screen or windbreak. Once established, this is an extremely hardy plant that can be controlled easily, tolerating even harsh pruning. Glossy mid to deep green leaves with lighter undersides sprout from attactive red stems.

Consistent trimming will ensure a thick, bushy growth and deliver regular flushes of bronze tinged new growth. If left untended, this plant can grow to 8 metres tall and will produce purple berries that are attractive to both birds and fauna.

Position: Full sun/part shade

Height: 2-8m

Width: 1-2m

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