Aglaonema - Lady Valentine 175mm Pot Aglaonema - Lady Valentine 175mm Pot

Aglaonema - Lady Valentine 175mm Pot

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Aglaonema - Lady Valentine 175mm Pot

Aglaonema commutatum - Lady Valentine

Description of plant at maturity:
Aglaonema are attractive foliage plants grown easily in most indoor positions, including air-conditioned spaces. Prefers warm, well lit sites indoors or sheltered, frost free sites outdoors. Lady Valentine has extremely attractive & unique green leaves heavily splashed with bubble-gum pink. Plant in a white decorative pot for an instant feature.

Perfect for indoor use both in the home and office. Outdoors they add a lush, tropical feel to warm, sheltered gardens and courtyards.

Keep moist but do not over-water, especially in winter.

Feed with a slow release fertiliser during periods of growth. Wipe foliage with a cloth moistened with water to remove dust and maintain healthy, lush growth.

Position: Indoors well lit

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