Amgrow All Purpose Fertiliser 500g Amgrow All Purpose Fertiliser 500g

Amgrow All Purpose Fertiliser 500g

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Amgrow All Purpose Fertiliser 500g

Amgrow All Purpose Fertiliser meets the complete nutritional requirements for all types of potted and garden plants (except natives). This balanced fertiliser with added organics will supply your plants with both quick and slow release fertiliser. This allows immediate, extended and satisfying feeding lasting up to 3 months.

- Added Trace Elements
- Organically enriched
- Low phosphorus (N: P 6:1)
- Contains the safe non-chloride form of potassium

Use on flowers, vegetables & established plants and spread at a rate of 25-50g per sqm. For indoor and outdoor potted plants use 5g per 25cm pot. Always water in after application. Detailed application instructions are listed on the product.

Do not use on African Violets
Do not apply when temperatures exceed 30 degrees.

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