Amgrow Lawn Food Granular 3kg Amgrow Lawn Food Granular 3kg

Amgrow Lawn Food Granular 3kg

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Amgrow Lawn Food Granular 3kg

Amgrow Lawn Granular Food is a balanced formulation of essential nutrients and trace elements, designed specifically for lawns. It is suitable for all grass types, including Buffalo and can be used as a pre-treatment when starting a new lawn or to maintain an established lawn.

Amgrow Lawn Granular Food is high in Nitrogen to ensure vigorous grass growth and a healthy green colour. The superior level of Potassium ensures the efficient take up of the Nitrogen by the grass and also improves resistance to environmental stress and disease.

NPK = 12-0-9-4

Feeds up to 150 square metres.
Preparation for new lawn: Evenly broadcast 20 grams per square metre to the soil surface, rake into the topsoil and water in well
Lawn Maintenance: Broadcast 30 grams per square metre evenly and water in well.

Apply in spring, summer and autumn. Water in well, immediately after application

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