Amgrow Seaweed Twin Pack 2x 2L Amgrow Seaweed Twin Pack 2x 2L

Amgrow Seaweed Twin Pack 2x 2L

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Amgrow Seaweed Twin Pack 2x 2L

- Twin Pack (2x 2L ready to go Hose-Connect Bottles)
- Stimulates root growth
- Encourages flowering/fruiting
- Strengthens plant immune system and reduces stress of transplanting/drought/frost

Amgrow Seaweed Concentrate is produced from Tasmanian Bull Kelp, an all-natural source of trace elements, natural growth stimulants and minerals. Amgrow Seaweed is suitable for all plant types. Stimulates root growth, encourages healthy flowering, fruiting and improving nutrient uptake. Additional benefits of reducing plant stress due to transplant shock, drought and frost. Helps to strengthen plants immune system to help with disease resistance.

Shake well before using. Add 20-30ml per 9L of water. Apply to lawns at 40ml per 9L over 5sqm Large trees 100mL per 9L. Do not apply to foliage when temperature is high.

Tasmanian Bull Kelp

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