Amgrow White Oil 750ml RTU Amgrow White Oil 750ml RTU

Amgrow White Oil 750ml RTU

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Amgrow White Oil 750ml RTU

Controls Citrus Leaf miner and scale insects on citrus, roses and ornamentals in the home garden. Also ideal as a leaf gloss on indoor plants.

How to use:
Apply mid-February for light infestations and December and February for heavy infestations. Spray thoroughly to run-off covering all parts of the plant or tree. Refer to instructions on the pack.

Spray every 5 to 14 days as required during flush growth periods. (Spraying is more likely to be required in Summer and Autumn). Start spraying when flushes are about 4 cm long. Ensure that all immature leaves are thoroughly wet on both sides. Do not spray more than 8 times per season.


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