Antex Insecticide Granules 500g Antex Insecticide Granules 500g

Antex Insecticide Granules 500g

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Antex Insecticide Granules 500g

Antex Insecticide Granules is a highly effective, fast-acting product that kills ants on contact. Antex Inseciticide Granules provides barrier protection to control ants outside before they get inside your home.

Antex Insecticide Granules is biodegradable and its performance is not affected by rain.

How to use:
Determine where ants are most active. Dispense directly from pack, sprinkle evenly over the area to be treated. Do not heap granules. Sweep between pavers, cracks and crevices and sisperse into soil and lawn. Where possible, sprinkle directly on and around ant nests and trails.

Reapply when activity returns. Rate of application: 75-250g/10m2 depending on level of infestation.

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