Avocado - Hass 5lt Avocado - Hass 5lt

Avocado - Hass 5lt

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Avocado - Hass 5lt

Hass Avocado

Description of plant at maturity:
A-Flowering Variety. Hass are the most common Australian variety, with the classic oval shape and pebbly textured skin. The colour will change as the fruit ripens from green to purple-black. The avocado has a creamy texture and taste. The Hass fruit are also available most of the year; the fruit will store on the tree for up to 10 months (most harvesting from September to January).

This tree will grow to 8x6m, but may be pruned to around 3m. It is an evergreen with a moderate water requirement. Plant in a well drained, wind-sheltered position in full sun. Protect from heavy frosts.

Plant type: Evergreen tree

Position: Full sun

Height: 8m

Width: 6m

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