Banksia - Coastal Cushion 200mm Pot Banksia - Coastal Cushion 200mm Pot

Banksia - Coastal Cushion 200mm Pot

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Banksia - Coastal Cushion 200mm Pot

Banksia spinulosa - Coastal Cushion

Description of plant at maturity:
Outstanding, attractive shrub growing to approximately 50cm high and 1.5m wide. Features lush, bright green foliage and massed golden yellow and maroon cone flowers from February to July. Attracts native nectar feeding birds.

Coastal Cushion makes an excellent landscape feature and is perfect for rockeries, border planting and general garden beds and container planting.

Coastal Cushion likes well drained soils, especially lighter sands, but will grow in heavier soils as long as they are friable and well drained. Mound garden beds up in heavy clay situations.

Suits full sun to partial shade positions. Suits coastal gardens. Mulch around plants for best results. Although Coastal Cushion is hardy to dry periods, occasional deep watering during dry spells will improve growth and flowering. Annual light applications of low phosphorus slow release fertiliser can promote new growth and flowering. Hardy to moderate frosts.

Position: Full sun/part shade

Height: 50cm

Width: 1.5m

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