Bayer Confidor Garden Insecticide Tablets (8x2.5g) Bayer Confidor Garden Insecticide Tablets (8x2.5g)

Bayer Confidor Garden Insecticide Tablets (8x2.5g)

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Bayer Confidor Garden Insecticide Tablets (8x2.5g)

- Systemic Insecticide.
- Provides extended protection against insect pests in ornamental plants.
- Easy to use – No spraying or mixing.
- Provides months of protection.
- Contains added fertilizer to help plant growth.

Confidor Tablets Garden Insecticide protects roses, azaleas, lillypillies, palms, magnolias and eucalypt trees against significant damage caused by aphids, azalea lace bug, psyllids, mealybugs and scale.

Confidor is systemically taken up from the tablet via the plant roots to control insect pests. The nutrients in the tablet assist the uptake of Confidor by the roots and enhance plant growth.

Active Constituent: 200g/kg IMIDACLOPRID

When transplanting new plants: Place tablet(s) in planting hole immediately beneath root ball at the time of planting.
For established plants: Create a hole in the soil 5cm deep and at least 10cm away from the stem, place tablet in the hole and cover with soil. For plants >1m requiring multiple tablets, space tablets in holes evenly around the root zone.

Note: Confidor is taken up from the tablet and distributed in the plant foliage. If the plant is less than 1 metre in height but has dense foliage and is greater than about 0.5 metres wide then more than 1 tablet may be required to achieve noticeable results.

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