Bio Gro - Jacks Magic Water Saver Mulch 25L Bio Gro - Jacks Magic Water Saver Mulch 25L

Bio Gro - Jacks Magic Water Saver Mulch 25L

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Bio Gro - Jacks Magic Water Saver Mulch 25L

Product Description:
Bio Gro Water Saver Mulch, as the name suggests, is a water conserving composted mulch containing high levels of cellulose fibre and organic matter to revitalise your garden. Derived from a blend of composted Radiata pine bark, composted manure and humates, the versatility and well composted nature of this material will ensure happy, healthy and appealing looking gardens.

- Developed to Australian Standards
- Derived from sustainable and renewable resources
- Slow release of organic nutrients into soil for sustained growth
- Protects soil from wind and water erosion
- Suppresses weed growth
- Improves water penetration and retention
- Insulates plants against extreme temperature fluctuations
- Superior matting property ideal for slopes or windy conditions

- Composted Australian Radiata Pine Bark
- Composted Manure
- Humates

- Garden beds to reinvigorate tired and depleted soils
- Vegetable gardens improve soil texture and encourage beneficial soil microbes
- When you want to give your garden an instant makeover
- Safe to use for new plants – the well composted organics will not burn soft leaves or tender young roots

Bio Gro Medium Water Saver can be easily spread over the soil surface to the recommended depth of five to ten centimetres, using a shovel or a rake. Once in place, water thoroughly ensuring that the water is penetrating the mulch and the soil below. As with most mulches, we recommend that a radius of approximately thirty centimetres around new plantings be left unmulched.

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