Bottle Babies - Indoor Plants Mix 7cm Bottle Babies - Indoor Plants Mix 7cm

Bottle Babies - Indoor Plants Mix 7cm

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Bottle Babies - Indoor Plants Mix 7cm

Assorted sp.

Description of plants at maturity:
Bottle Babies are miniature indoor plants that are ideal for indoor planting and terrariums. There are dozens of different varieties available, including ferns, syngoniums, fittonia and even small palms.

Indoor plants are both decorative and functional, and providing them with adequate water, nutrients and light will keep them healthy and looking great. Potted indoor plants grow best when grown in a well drained potting mix and placed in a warm, well-lit position out of direct sunlight.

Potted indoor plants respond well to light applications of liquid fertiliser during the growing season. Water well during the warm weather. Remove spent leaves and flowers to keep the plants tidy.

Starting a terrarium?
Position your terrarium according to the types of plants you have used - succulents require strong sunlight, whereas Peperomia and other similar houseplants can survive with normal house lighting.

If you have an open terrarium, you will only need to water it on a weekly to monthly basis, depending on the types of plants used. The water should wet the soil but should not pool in the bottom of the planter after a couple of hours. Do not water again until the top of the soil feels dry.

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