Bougainvillea - Elizabeth 140mm Pot Bougainvillea - Elizabeth 140mm Pot

Bougainvillea - Elizabeth 140mm Pot

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Bougainvillea - Elizabeth 140mm Pot

Bougainvillea Elizabeth

Description of plant at maturity:
Elizabeth flowers for long periods throughout the year. Bracts are a deep magenta tending more to a purple than red. New foliage is bronze in colour. Height ranges from 2-3m. Creates a great display.

Bougainvilleas will thrive in almost any soil as long as it is well drained. Full sun will give your plant the best flowering opportunities. Roots are fragile when young. Take care not to disturb roots when transplanting. Make sure it is also well watered prior to and after planting. Slow release or soluble fertilisers are suitable but do not overfertilise. Do not apply fertiliser to dry soil.

Once established, Bougainvilleas require very little watering. A good soaking just before it reaches the point of wilt is best. They may be pruned at any time of the year, with each bloom cycle followed by a rest period. Young plants should be pinched often to produce a bushy plant.

Position: Full sun

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