Brunnings Organic Enriched Green Up Lawn Food 10kg Brunnings Organic Enriched Green Up Lawn Food 10kg

Brunnings Organic Enriched Green Up Lawn Food 10kg

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Brunnings Organic Enriched Green Up Lawn Food 10kg

Brunnings ORGANIC Enriched Green Up Lawn Food is a special formulation of ingredients that maintains all species of grass in an environmentally friendly manner without sacrificing the health or vigour of your lawn.

It has been blended with proven natural ingredients and boosted with fast release elements to provide quick, immediate benefits plus ongoing nutrient release. Brunnings Organic Enriched is the effective all purpose lawn food that can be used on all lawns including Buffalo.

- Low in phosphorous but includes added trace elements.
- Has both slow and fast release components.
- Organic enriched formulation allows for safe use on lawns 12 months a year.

5kg covers 100 metres sq
10kg covers 200 metres sq.

When should I apply?
Organic Enriched Green Up can be used virtually all year round. However you should avoid temperatures above 30 C.The frequency of application will be impacted by your lawns specific situation. We therefore offer a range of recommendations.

Minimum Level Early Spring & Autumn
Normal Program Every 3 months
High Traffic Areas Every 6 weeks

How much do I use?
Sandy Soils: Apply 1kg for 10 sq metres.
Heavier Soils: Apply 1kg for 20 sq metres.

Apply fertiliser to a dry or wet lawn and water in well.

To maintain a healthy lawn, regular deep watering is more beneficial than frequent, light waterings. Wet the top 10 - 12cm of soil and encourage deeper root growth. Aerating your lawn prior to Summer will assist water penetration.

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