Brunnings Perlite 5L Brunnings Perlite 5L

Brunnings Perlite 5L

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Brunnings Perlite 5L

Brunnings Perlite when mixed with soil or garden compost forms space to allow water to move freely through the root system. Brunnings Perlite is ideal for propagation hydroponics garden beds and potted plants to improve the aeration and drainage in soils.

To make a Propagation Mix combine 5L Brunnings Peat Moss, 5L Brunnings Perlite and 250mL Brunnings Vermiculite. Blend Peat Moss and Perlite to create a propagation mix. Sprinkle as a fine layer on top of the mix.

To make a General Potting Mix combine 9L Brunnings Coir Power Coir Peat Brick and 1L Brunnings Perlite. Blend Coir Peat Peat Brick and Perlite to create a quality general potting mix.

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