Brunnings Rodent Bait Station Brunnings Rodent Bait Station

Brunnings Rodent Bait Station

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Brunnings Rodent Bait Station

The Times Up Rodent Bait Station (non-baited) is designed to help protect children, pets and non-targeted animals from contact with the bait. The semi-clear box also enables easy visibility of bait take. The Rodent Bait Station can be used with loose bait or block bait.

- Child & Pet Safer.
- Reusable with lock & key feature.
- Suitable for indoor & outdoor use.

This product is non-baited - baits sold separately.

How to Use:
Open the station with the key, which can be found attached to the underside of the bait station.

Load the bait station with your preferred choice of bait. When using loose bait, the block bait pins can be removed.

Close the lid, and locate the station as required. The key should be kept safe away from the station.

Place the Bait Station where there are signs of rodent activity such as fresh droppings, burrows, or rodent feeding places. Ideal positions are against walls, under sheds/decking or being lean-to boards to protect from the prevailing weather. To maximise bait take, ensure that all other food sources (e.g. bird feeders/household rubbish) are removed. Inspect the Bait Station regularly, preferably every 1-2 days. Avoid moving or touching the Bait Station in the first 2-3 days. If all the bait has been eaten and rodent activity continues, replace the bait in the station and consider placing others nearby until no further rodent activity is observed.

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