Brunnings Steri-Prune Aerosol 250g Brunnings Steri-Prune Aerosol 250g

Brunnings Steri-Prune Aerosol 250g

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Brunnings Steri-Prune Aerosol 250g

Steri-Prune bituminous based pruning and grafting coating designed to dress and seal cuts and wounds in shoots and roots so as to protect against infections and further growth.

- Easy to apply.
- Protects exposed plant flesh.
- Suitable for all types of plants and trees that require pruning.
- Covers approximately 3-4 square metres, depending on the thickness of the film applied, atmospheric and application conditions.

As soon as possible after cutting back plant, apply Steri-Prune spray to each cut ensuring complete wound coverage.

Seal all grafts with a coating of Steri-Prune prior to binding.

Tree Surgery:
After lopping branches spray the wound with Steri-Prune.

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