Brunnings Tough Lawn Seed 1kg Brunnings Tough Lawn Seed 1kg

Brunnings Tough Lawn Seed 1kg

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Brunnings Tough Lawn Seed 1kg

Brunnings Tough Lawn Seed is a tough and hardy blend that is easy to establish, is hard-wearing and evergreen. It is ideal for patching repairing, patching and oversowing areas.

- Hardwearing , economical lawn seed blend.
- Quick to establish with results in 7-10 days.
- Remains green all year round with proper care.
- Grows in most soil or climate conditions (including clay, sandy, warmer states).
- Ideal for high traffic areas such as nature strips and back lawns.
- Blended with Easy Wetta granules for less watering.
- Now with TurboCote Technology.

Application Rate:
1kg sows 35 square metres of lawn (oversows 70 square metres of lawn)

How to Use:
- A sandy loam soil is ideal. If heavy clay use Gypsum.
- Check pH of soil. Ideal pH is 6-7. Adjust acid soils with Lime.
- When planting we recommend mixing seed with a Lawn Planting or Starter Fertiliser. Mix in ratio of 2kg of fertiliser to 1kg of seed.
- Spread mix evenly then firm down or tread into surface.
- Water with fine spray and keep damp until lawn is established.

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