Camellia - Setsugekka 200m Pot Camellia - Setsugekka 200m Pot

Camellia - Setsugekka 200m Pot

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Camellia - Setsugekka 200m Pot

Camellia sasanqua - Setsugekka (syn. Wavy White)

Description of plant at maturity:
An old Japanese, early flowering variety bearing abundant, large, white, single blooms with wavy petals. An evergreen shrub to approx. 3m with small, dense, bright green foliage. Abundant, showy flowers are produced in autumn and early winter. Ideal for screens, hedging, large containers and espaliers.

Plant in a sunny or partly shaded position. Sasanqua''s tolerate more sun than japonica camellias. Protect from strong winds.

Prefers well drained, slightly acidic soil. Before planting, combine soil with organic matter for best results. Keep moist, especially in hot, dry weather. Mulch with compost, leaf mould or other organic matter to keep roots cool. Do not allow mulch to tough the trunk. May be lightly trimmed to shape in spring. Feed in spring with a camellia fertiliser or a complete organic fertiliser. Avoid lime.

Position: Part shade

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