Cat Grass 115mm Pot (VN) Cat Grass 115mm Pot (VN)

Cat Grass 115mm Pot (VN)

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Cat Grass 115mm Pot (VN)

Dactylis glomerata ''Cat Grass''

Description of plant at maturity:
Pet Grass is extremely rich in essential vitamins and minerals for cats, dogs, rabbits and guinea pigs. Many indoor cats will seek out this grass to fulfill their dietary requirements. It also acts as a natural aid to clear hairballs. New growth is the most nutritious.

Choose a sunny position in rich, well drained soil. Prepare soil by incorporating organic matter such as compost prior to planting, or use premium potting mix in containers. Water in thoroughly after planting and keep moist but not wet. Protect from frost.

Position: Full sun/part shade

Height: 30cm

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