CL Garden Arch - Rust - 3m CL Garden Arch - Rust - 3m
CL Garden Arch - Rust - 3mCL Garden Arch - Rust - 3m

CL Garden Arch - Rust - 3m

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CL Garden Arch - Rust - 3m

This classic 3m by 3m metal gazebo is full of possibilities. Take a moment and place a setting under the arch, with a Clematis growing up and dripping down through the roof and you instantly create a magical room in your garden.

Twine in some bud lights, a lantern from the centre and you have a space that is gorgeous, or use this as a walk through arch with the scent of roses tumbling through it as you pass by. Or, if you''re looking for a special arch to walk through for your garden wedding, this one is the one. Twined with greenery, the space becomes spectacular.

300 x 300 x 317cm - Internal width between posts 246cm

Colour: Rust

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Categories: Arches & Gazebos