Cordyline - Sundance 150mm Pot Cordyline - Sundance 150mm Pot

Cordyline - Sundance 150mm Pot

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Cordyline - Sundance 150mm Pot

Cordyline australis - Sundance

Description of plant at maturity:
This evergreen, sub-tropical, palm like tree, forms a single red shaded trunk and bears several stout ascending branches. Extremely attractive long, broad leaves, coloured red to green. Normally a foliage plant, creamy white panicles form on older trees and can produce berries. Excellent for patio pots and landscaping - low maintenance.

Sundance simply loves the full sun but can handle light shade. Can be grown under all conditions and will add a tropical feel to your backyard. Very little care is required once established. Fertilise occasionally with slow release fertiliser to maintain lush growth. Trim back every 3-4years to about 30cm.

Planting Conditions: Full Sun

Watering Conditions: Low Maintenance

Height: 2m

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