Erigeron - Spindrift 140mm Pot Erigeron - Spindrift 140mm Pot
Erigeron - Spindrift 140mm PotErigeron - Spindrift 140mm Pot

Erigeron - Spindrift 140mm Pot

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Erigeron - Spindrift 140mm Pot

Erigeron karvinskianus Spindrift

Description of plant at maturity:
An improved variety of the popular ''seaside daisy'' which will not become invasive like its unruly relatives and with the added bonus of a low growing and compact habit. Forming a neat, dense dome of foliage it will produce a sparkling display of dainty little daisy flowers which will firstly open as white and then fade through to various shades of pink and wine red. Requiring little attention it will flower from spring through summer. Grows well in most soil types that are well draining. Low water requirements once established but an occasional deep watering during extended periods of heat is recommended. Pruning is generally not required although a light trim during periods when flowering is minimal will encourage a denser habit. Apply a slow release fertiliser during spring. Dry tolerant.

Position: Full sun

Height: 20cm

Width: 50cm

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