Fraxinus - Golden Ash 420mm Pot Fraxinus - Golden Ash 420mm Pot

Fraxinus - Golden Ash 420mm Pot

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Fraxinus - Golden Ash 420mm Pot

Fraxinus excelsior Aurea

Description of plant at maturity:
Reliable autumn foliage and distinctive yellow bark on young branches provide year round interest. The Golden Ash is an old favourite, suitable as a shade or specimen tree in parks and gardens.

Broadly conical to rounded habit that eventually develops into a medium sized, spreading, multi-branched tree. The pinnate leaves are pale lemon colour in spring, becoming very pale green in summer, turning to brilliant gold in autumn. Greenish-yellow flowers are produced in spring. Young branches have yellow bark with distinctive black winter buds. Bark develops into a yellow-grey with age.

Best grown in moist, deep soil in cooler areas but tolerates both wet and relatively dry conditions. Also performs well in alkaline soils. Reasonable tolerance to heat and low levels of dought. It has a wide spreading root system which can result in surface roots in shallow soils.

Plant type: Deciduous

Position: Sun

Height: 12m

Width: 9m

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