Gardena Hose - Comfort HIGH FLEX 13mm x 30m Gardena Hose - Comfort HIGH FLEX 13mm x 30m

Gardena Hose - Comfort HIGH FLEX 13mm x 30m

Product Code : 4078500011037_1

Gardena Hose - Comfort HIGH FLEX 13mm x 30m

Brand: Gardena
Length: 30m
Diameter: 13mm
Burst pressure: 30 bar
Kink Resistance: 9/10
Supplied with fittings

Description: The GARDENA Comfort HighFLEX Hose with Power Grip Profile guarantees the perfect connection between hose and hose connector. Thanks to new technology, these interlock like toothed wheels. The Power Grip Profile makes possible what many garden owners have long wished for: a reliable connection with perfect holding force.

The raised profile of the Power Grip makes the hose easier to roll up and slide. Thanks to the dense, high-quality spiral mesh textile with two spirals working in opposite directions, the hose is pressure-resistant and keeps its shape; it does not tie itself in knots or twist and is kink resistant. The increased density of the spirals makes the hose more flexible for effortless handling.It is free of harmful toxins like phthalates and heavy metals, and UV stabilised for long life. The thick walls make the Comfort HighFlex particularly robust and durable.

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