Gardman Sisal & Balcony Wall Basket - 40cm Gardman Sisal & Balcony Wall Basket - 40cm

Gardman Sisal & Balcony Wall Basket - 40cm

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Gardman Sisal & Balcony Wall Basket - 40cm

The Gardman Sisal & Fern hanging basket from Gardman combines a unique style and colour to create that great rustic feel. Plant up multiple baskets to create the perfect BALCONY or VERTICAL GARDEN.

Trailing plants are ideal for hanging baskets to create a beautiful cascading display. Large long-trailing plants only need to be planted in the top and given enough time, will cascade down. However, side-planting trailing plants can create a beautiful full effect much quicker.

The best soil for hanging baskets is a premium, light weight potting mix. Organic matter is key in creating good drainage and providing nutrients for your plants. To keep your basket happy and healthy, water frequently. During summer, it will dry out quickly and may require daily watering. Use a fertiliser as per the manufacturers recommendations to maximise your plants potential.

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