Grapefruit - Ruby Red 250mm Pot Grapefruit - Ruby Red 250mm Pot

Grapefruit - Ruby Red 250mm Pot

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Grapefruit - Ruby Red 250mm Pot

Citrus paradisi

Description of plant at maturity:
The Ruby Red grapefruit produces red-fleshed fruit with a pink-blushed skin. It is sweeter than yellow-fleshed varieties.

The Ruby Red grapefruit has lovely red flesh that offers great contrast in fruit salads, garnishes and desserts. It has a sweeter, but still slightly tart flavour than the yellow grapefruits, and few seeds.

Ruby Red is a moderate grower with a spreading habit. The tree tends to have some thorns.

Main Harvest:
Fruit matures in mid to late winter.

The Ruby Red is ideal for eating fresh, juicing and using in desserts.

Position: Full sun/part shade

Height: 6m

Width: 4m

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