Cupressus Sempervirens - Swanes Gold

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Cupressus Sempervirens - Swanes Gold

It has rather flaky or scaly bark and produces small, spherical female cones.

It features dense, green to golden yellow evergreen foliage that can be clipped to shape or left to its own elegant outline. Being naturally pencil-thin they really can be left to their own devices and still look very elegant. They make excellent screens or hedges but are also seen in formal gardens creating a majestic impact when planted along driveways and broad paths.

Soil: Best in cooler climates, they prefer light, well drained, moist soils of any type. Coastal winds tend to be no problem.

Maintenance: Mulch the roots to keep cool and moist - gently rub off old dead foliage with a gloved hand. Avoid root disturbance and water young plants regularly to get them established. Foliar spraying with water is well absorbed especially in hotter periods. Avoid commercial fertilisers, better to add compost.

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