Amgrow Patrol Mozzie Wasp RTU 4Ltr

Product Code : 9310943820506_1

Amgrow Patrol Mozzie Wasp RTU 4Ltr

Product Code: 82050

Patrol Mozzie Wasp & Spider RTU has been specifically formulated for outdoor use.

It is effective in two ways: It kills pests on direct spray and it has a residual effect on sprayed surfaces to stop pests entering the home through cracks, windows and doors.

Patrol Mozzie Wasp & Spider RTU can be used around the perimeter of the home, under eaves,
guttering and down pipes, around window frames, under the house and around foundations

Spiders: Spray directly onto spiders or where webs are present. For longer lasting protection, spray under floors, eaves, around windows, protected darkened areas and inside cracks and crevices. Repeat when spiders begin to reappear.
Wasps: Spray nests directly and to the point of run-off. When all adult wasps have been knocked down remove the nest from the structure.
Ants: Apply to trails and nests, around garbage bins and points of entry. Repeat as necessary.
Apply as a residual treatment to surfaces where insects rest or harbour such as window sills, door jams and fly screens.


0.5 g/L Bifenthrin.

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