Yates Magnesium Chelate Foliage Greener Liquid 500ml

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Yates Magnesium Chelate Foliage Greener Liquid 500ml

Product Code: 54752

New fast acting liquid which corrects magnesium deficiency.
Deficiency is common in citrus trees, tomatoes, vegetables, camellias, azaleas, gardenias and other acid loving plants.The fast acting liquid alternative to Epsom Salts.

- Yates Leaf Greener Magnesium Chelate is an easy to use liquid trace element.
- Recommended as a foliar application, this delivers magnesium directly to the deficient leaves for faster results.
- Foliar applications also result in much lower magnesium additions into the soil when compared to traditional Epsom salts soil drench applications, resulting in less wastage and lower risk of soil toxicity.

PLUS Yates Liquids:
- Work differently from other chelates
- Release nutrients gradually to minimise leaf burn
- Are targeted solutions for fast results
- Stick firmly to foliage and are rain-fast in 2-3 hours

How It Works
Nutrients are rapidly absorbed into the root system providing necessary magnesium.

Magnesium (Mg) as lignosulfonate chelate 1.25%

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