Munns Arid Lawn Seed 1Kg

Product Code : 9315578100016_1

Munns Arid Lawn Seed 1Kg

Product Code: 55281

Imagine a lawn that could do almost anything, well look no further than Arid Smartgrass. Arid Smartgrass is a multi-functional, versatile lawn seed that is suitable for a wide range of conditions.

Arid Smartgrass is evergreen, will grow from acidic to alkaline soils in sand and clay and grows in full sun to 80% shade.

It is easy to mow, non invasive, non thatching and drought tolerant.

Arid Smartgrass contains 85% Endophyte fungus which lives within the grass plant and produces a toxin which repels a host of turf insects, meaning a dramatic reduction in chemical usage, namely pesticides.

The root system of Arid Smartgrass can grow to a depth of 1 metre (depending on soil type). Arid Smartgrass is the most drought tolerant of the cool season grasses but will require more water in summer than Couch or Kikuyu varieties. Arid Smartgrass is much more drought tolerant than Budget type mixes.

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