Ornamental Pear Pyrus calleryana - Bradford 430mm Pot

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Ornamental Pear Pyrus calleryana - Bradford 430mm Pot

Landscape value: A commonly planted ornamental pear, featuring glossy, rounded leaves, a prolific floral display and good autumn foliage colour.

Height: 12 metre(s)

Width: 9 metre(s)

Growth rate: Moderate to fast.

Habit: Pyramidal, becoming broader with age.

Foliage: Thick and glossy, dark green broadly ovate leaves turning reddish-orange, purplish to yellowish-red in autumn. Can be semi-evergreen in some areas.

Flowers: Abundant white flowers produced in corymbs from early spring. Can be variable in flowering dependent on region in which planted.

Fruit: Inconspicuous. Small russet fruit to 12 mm in diameter.

Bark: Dark greyish-brown, becoming lightly fissured with age.

Tolerances: Adaptable to a wide range of site conditions including quite dry conditions, slightly alkaline soils, air pollution and some coastal exposure. Able to handle intermittently wet, heavy soils.

Comments: Best in full sun. Requires protection from strong winds and may require regular formative pruning for strong limb, trunk and crown structure. Good for urban areas where conditions are poor and roots have restricted growing space. Largely superseded by newer, more easily maintained Pyrus selections.

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