Nephrolepis exaltata - Boston Fern

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Nephrolepis exaltata - Boston Fern

Description: One of the most popular ferns world-wide, this distinctive fern bears long, graceful arching fonds of rich green leaflets. Best displayed in hanging baskets and large, decorative containers. Suitable for ferneries or a cool, shady spot in the garden.

Grows best in moist, humus rich soil in a shady to partly shaded position. Indoors choose a warm spot with filtered light. Keep moist at all times. Apply liquid fertiliser during the growing season. Remove spent leaves. Cultivate soil before planting. Dig hole twice the width of the container. Remove plant from container and place into the hole so the soil level is the same as the surrounding ground. Fill hole firmly and water in well even if the soil is moist.

Growth Rate: Moderate.

Condition: Full shade/part-shade; prune well; liquid fertilser; keep moist; great for pots; ideal for hanging baskets.

Watering: Maintain moisture.

Variety: Fern.

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