Nephrolepis - Emerald Queen

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Nephrolepis - Emerald Queen

Nephrolepis obliterate - Emerald Queen Fern

Description: An attractive sterile form of the sword fern, with emerald green, lush foliage. This fern is fast growing, and maintains a fairly upright habit, with the leaves arching gently towards the ends. Versatile plant, ideal for light, shady or indoor areas. A fantastic addition to any landscape, or patio in decorative pots and hanging baskets. Under low light conditions, the leaves become stronger and broader.
Tolerant of low to high light conditions, prefers a moisture retentive, well drained soil. Regular summer irrigation is recommended. Provide regular irrigation during warm or dry weather. Fertilise during spring. Remove spent fronds.

Height: 40-50cm

Spread: 40-50cm

Planting Conditions: Full Sun to Full Shade

Watering Conditions: Well drained soil

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