Phormium - Black Adder 200mm Pot

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Phormium - Black Adder 200mm Pot

Phormium cookianum - Black Adder

Description: Phormium ''Black Adder'' features striking deep burgundy colour foliage and is an ideal plant for both large containers or in the garden. ''Black Adder'' will grow happily in various conditions, even on exposed sites and coastal areas without losing its appeal; it is also tolerant of many soil types from heavy to light sand. Forming a clump 1.5m high x 1m wide, with pendulous tipped leaves, Phormium ''Black Adder'' is an ideal feature plant for the garden or patio position. Remove spent foliage as required and fertilise annually with a long term slow release fertiliser.

Height: 1.5m

Planting Conditions: Full Sun

Watering Conditions: Low Maintenance

Plant Type:

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