Yates White Oil Insecticide 500ml

Product Code : 9310428093487_1

Yates White Oil Insecticide 500ml

Product code: 34366

Controls scale, aphids, mealybug and mites on roses, ornamentals, citrus and other fruit trees.

- May be used indoors as well as outdoors.
- Can be used as a leaf shine to give indoor plants a nice gloss to the leaves.
- Withholding period is only one day.
- Low toxicity to humans and wildlife.
- Child resistant cap.
- Easy to use measure pack.

How It Works
This product blocks the breathing pores of insects causing suffocation and rapid death. Thorough coverage of pests is therefore essential.

Petroleum oil

Directions for use
Mix 10ml in one litre of water, depending on plant type. Thoroughly cover upper and lower surfaces of foliage. Repeat spray after 4 weeks, if necessary. Often applied to deciduous fruit trees and shrubs during winter.

Failure to control insects could be due to improper coverage or rain following within 24 hours of spraying. Dead scale may remain on the plants for a few weeks after spraying.

Do not spray when temperatures are near 35oC or above.
Do not use on citrus trees in late autumn/winter.
Do not apply to edible crops later than 1 day before harvest.

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