Yates Success Ultra Insect Control 200ml

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Yates Success Ultra Insect Control 200ml

Product Code: 54424

Controls caterpillars and other pests on vegetables, herbs, fruit, and ornamentals.

The next generation solution replacing Success Naturalyte, Success ULTRA helps keep your garden plants from being attacked by common caterpillars plus other insect pests like thrips, codling moth, pear & cherry slug and citrus leaf miner.

-Highly effective formulation that controls caterpillars on key crops; tomatoes, herbs, vegetables, and ornamental plants.

Controls codling moth on apples and pears.

Other insect pests controlled: thrips, citrus leaf miner, pear & cherry slug, tomato leaf miner, leafrollers.

Low toxic formulation makes for use on edible plants.

Contact and residual control of pests – Control insect pests on contact and prevent pests that feed at night or early morning.

Contains spinetoram, the latest generation insect control derived from beneficial soil bacteria.

Spinetoram has translaminar movement, which means it moves into the leaf, making the solution resistant to rain and sunlight six hours after application.

Short withholding period on some crops means minimal waiting.

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