Dianella - Stampede

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Dianella - Stampede

Description: Stampede is a very hardy drought tolerant Dianella variety. It is an Australian grass, developed for residential gardens and commercial landscaping projects. It is a great understorey plant with a high tolerance for dry conditions, making them a reliable performer in the garden or in pots. Stampede will spread to create verdant green groundcover in garden beds, under trees or beside paved surfaces. It will also provide good weed suppression and erosion control on embankments. Each plant has the potential to spread 0.4 to 0.5m in diameter. Spacing is dependent on the speed of cover required - plant 40cm apart for dense cover. If planting in pots, use 3 plants in a 30cm patio container.

Height: 25-30cm

Planting Conditions: Sun/Part Sun

Watering Conditions: Low maintenance

Plant Type: Grass


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