Manutec Epsom Salts Magnesium Sulphate 1Kg (MBP1105)

Product Code : 9312462110519_1

Manutec Epsom Salts Magnesium Sulphate 1Kg (MBP1105)

Magnesium is very essential for Photosynthesis and maintaining healthy, green plant growth. A lack of magnesium causes a general loss of green colour between the veins of leaves and becomes more evident in older leaves. Yellowing of plant tissue rapidly increases to a stage where premature defoliation and death can result.

Manutec Magnesium Sulphate is completely soluble in water and quickly corrects the deficiency in soils and pots. Follow the directions on the package and apply accordingly.

Code: MBP1105
Pack Size: 1 Kg
Product Type: Fertiliser - Trace element
Product Use: To correct Magnesium deficiency

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